The CYWA offers the following programs:

Homeless Women Shelter


Samara House

The CYWA provides temporary shelter where homeless women and children are provided a 30 to 60 day emergency shelter with individual rooms and meals. During their stay they receive Case Management services and are helped back to independence. This is a proven in- place program with two Case Managers assisting over one hundred mothers and children who need

  shelter, financial/medical aid and life coaching. Mothers receive career counseling through service organizations to build hope and a better life.

Although chemical dependency is a progressive and potentially fatal disease, we believe it is treatable disease. Samara House is the most comprehensive drug treatment program in the area. Our objective is to restore addicted women to the community substance free and to help their children learn to function in healthy ways.   Our applicants must either be pregnant or be accompanied by up to two children and be willing to develop a family reunification plan.

Starting with the initial medical examination to the final re-entry phase which may last from three to six months, we provide the family with structure that gives hope and a better life for both the children and the mother through the treatment and environment.

Welfare to Work


Mother's for Change

The purpose of the Welfare-to-Work program is to move hard-to-employ individuals into employment.  The program provides intensive activities for participants and insures they have the basic skills needed to succeed in the work force. This program offers Case Management along with job readiness/preparation including employment search, vocational training, educational training and employment retention services. This program has a proven track record of individuals entering the work force and achieving self-sufficiency.


Mothers for Change" is an initiative to unify the community " block by block" through the establishment of safe relationships and safe houses for neighborhood children. Block Captains watch for children at risk and help to bring mothers together for healing, sharing problems and community resources. Mothers along with local state and federal law enforcement join to become proactive in protecting families and to identify, solve and prosecute crimes.

Occupational Skills Training


Qualified clients can enroll and receive financial aid to educational and training programs designed to help attain self-sufficiency.